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What is an MPACT Parent Mentor?

Parent Mentors are trained volunteers who, upon request, provide support to families of children with disabilities throughout the special education decision-making process. These services may include:

  • Providing referrals to resources
  • Providing information regarding special education law & process
  • Helping parents plan for meetings
  • Attending IEP & other school meetings with families, if needed
  • Providing support & assistance via phone or email

Parent Mentors provide direct support and assistance to parents in preparing for their child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Parent Mentors help parents prepare for meetings and on request may attend the IEP meeting with the parent.

The role of a Parent Mentor is to empower the parent. A Parent Mentor does not represent or speak for a parent but will assist the parent, in becoming a strong educational advocate for their own child. MPACT Parent Mentors are screened and receive training and supervision from MPACT staff.

How Do I Become an MPACT Parent Mentor?

Step 1: Complete the Parent Mentor Questionnaire and submit them to your Region Coordinator.

Step 2: Attend the following MPACT Workshops:

  • Special Education Law
  • The IEP Process
  • Disagreement Resolution
  • The Art of Effective Advocacy

Step 3: Attend the training entitled “What is an MPACT Parent Mentor” at which you will take a required final exam to determine your level of knowledge.

Upon Certification, MPACT Parent Mentors will be presented with:

  • Parent Mentor Certificate
  • Parent Mentor Resource Manual

Step 4: Within 6 months of becoming certified, attend the training entitled “Facilitated IEP Training”.

How do I get Started?

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