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Image - Transitioning into adulthood.

“Supporting youth with disabilities to become empowered and self-determined in planning for and achieving desired lifestyles in their communities following graduation from school."

An individual’s transition years in high school are a critical time for exploring interests and preferences and planning for a desired lifestyle in their community upon graduation from high school, unfortunately, many students with disabilities and their families in Missouri have the perception that the only opportunities available to them following graduation are segregated work and day programs. They lack the information, resources, and support to be more self-determined in planning for a lifestyle in the community based upon personal interests, talents, and choices.

Students, their families, teachers, and others close to the student are invited to attend transition training workshops individually or as a team. At these workshops students and their teams will have the opportunity to develop a transition plan that is based upon each student’s unique interests, preferences, and support needs.

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