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Welcome to the Transition Online Training Center!  Here you will find a list of the Transition related trainings that we currently offer, as well as a short description of each.  Click on the link provided to find out more information on that training.  These trainings are free of charge to the public, unless otherwise noted.

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IDEA Transition Requirements

Because Transition is such an enormous topic, we will begin by exploring the IDEA, Reauthorized, Section IV of the Missouri State Plan for Special Education, and the Special Education Standards and Indicators Manual. We will focus on building knowledge about what is required to be addressed in the Individualized Education Program (IEP) for transition to postsecondary experiences for youth after they graduate from high school and move toward adult services. Subsequent trainings will move gradually from what is required to a focus about how to effectively determine postsecondary goals and the services that youth may need in order to prepare the youth for their postsecondary goals.

Connecting Goals to Coordinated Activities and Services for Transition

This information will specifically address how to go through the process of developing the activities/strategies and services to support the identified postsecondary goals for the youth in the IEP. This training is meant to help you learn how to put all of the pieces together that comprise planning for transition to postsecondary experiences.

Transition Resources - Disability Disclosure

An important decision has to be made by a person with a disability that will affect their educational, employment and social lives. This decision is about whether or not to disclose that they have a disability. This should be a personal decision made by the individual who has a disability with support from family. Making the decision is based on being informed and having expertise about themselves. Making a personal decision such as this can lead the person to have greater confidence in themselves and in making choices. Disclosure is a decision that takes much thought and practice.

Soft Skills

The Guideposts of Success indicate that all youth need the following: School preparations, career preparations, connections to services and programs, youth development/leadership and family involvement. As we consider these things, what are the specific job skills that employers tell us youth need to have to be successful in the workplace?

Solving the Employment Puzzle

Youths with disabilities continue to be unemployed at a higher rate than those without disabilities. This training will help inform you of several pre and post-graduation tactics you can use to counter this trend for your child.

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